So tonight we’ve got the Bar Crawl To Celebrate The Start Of Hockey Season Except That There Is No Hockey Season As Of Yet, and we have the crucial game five of the Nats/Cards series.  So there’s a lot going on.

Here’s what we’re doing.  We’ve got an Xbox and NHL 2013 that we’ll have available to play for free until about 10:00 pm tonight.  And we’ll have the Nationals on just about every TV until that other team from nearby starts playing, and then we’ll put them on a couple of TVs as well.

AND…because we love DC and want to show our support in every way we can, every beer made inside the District is going to be at happy hour prices all night.  So that’s $4 DC Brau Public, $4 Chocolate City Bohemian Pils and $6 3 Stars Southern Belle.

So get down here tonight to celebrate baseball, mourn for hockey, and enjoy some beer.