I think that’s how you spell that.  Anyways, tonight starting at 6 pm at the small bar, come hang out with the guys from DC Brau and get a taste of some of the great beers they have to offer.  Tonight we’ll be featuring (in no particular order of tastiness) The Public, The Corruption, The Citizen, El Hefe Speaks, Fermentation Without Representation and the Natas.

And for an added treat, Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales and co-collaborator of the Natas will be in the building.  We can’t say where in the building, but the first one to find him gets to name his next pet goldfish.  He really enjoys it when people point out how half of the word “Artisanal” is “anal”.  And if you really want to have fun, just casually drop the occasional R. Kelly reference and see what happens.

Everything gets going tonight at the small bar downstairs starting at 6.