Hey Folks. Starting tonight and going until the end of the month, we will trade you any beer $6 or less for a dvd in playable condition. Limit 2 per person per visit. Make sure the movies are G rated. Some dickhead stole all the dvd’s from the Texas Children’s Hospital and I know craft beer drinkers won’t stand for that kind of crap.



So it looks like the internet got a little ahead of itself and we got swept along.

From the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Facebook page:


Turns out the theft of DVDs wasn’t really a theft.  Sometimes a few DVDs just go missing, and it’s not that big a deal.  BUT!  That doesn’t mean we are stepping back from our original effort to help out kids through the healing power of beer.  Our offer still stands, only now we’re going to give the movies to the Children’s National Medical Center at the Washington Hospital Center.  I just checked with them and they said they are more than happy to accept new or  GENTLY used DVDs, so long as they are rated PG or G.

So please feel free come by and get yourself a great beer for a great cause.