Hello there beer lovers of the world.  It is once again SAVOR week and we’re doing our part to encourage the drinking of good craft beer.  What’s SAVOR you ask?  It’s the big beer tasting convention/gathering/symposium type thing that happens over at the Building Museum every year.  Where the hell have you been?

Anyways, as part of our ongoing quest to get people to drink good beer we are changing up our lineup to feature beers and breweries that are going to be at SAVOR this year.  And to make it even more enticing to drink a craft beer this week we’re going to feature all of our craft beers at $5 regular price and $4 during happy hour.

Now we’re still going to have a couple of big, macrobrewed light beers on, but they are going to be $10 a glass regular price and $8 during happy hour, but with every incredibly, and purposefully, overpriced light beer you buy you also get a shot glass taster of one of our much better and cheaper craft brews.

So, to recap:  For this week craft beer is cheap, cheap beer is expensive.

And then be sure to come in Friday night for our Devil’s Backbone tap takeover, and then Saturday night Flying Dog is throwing their official After SAVOR After Party.

It’s a ridiculously good week for beer.  See you at the bar.