Hey there fellow beer drinkers.  It’s that wonderful time in the middle of God Forsaken August when absolutely nothing good or interesting goes on in this city aside from those precious moments of the day when you hug your air conditioner or sit in a cold bath wondering when the sun descended into the atmosphere and ended up directly above your apart.  And that’s where DC Beer Week comes in.

It’s a time to go out and try some of the best beers our area has to offer.  All of the best local (and by “local” we mean within about 200 or so miles)

So tonight we’ll be hosting Starr Hill Brewery’s own God of Mischief, Mark Thompson.  He’ll be stopping by to meet, greet, drink, laugh, and generally cavort.

It’s all happening at the small bar downstairs.  The beers start pouring at 6 and we hope to see Mark stop by between 6 and 7, and stay for the rest of the night or until everyone falls down.

See you soon.