Hey everyone.

Several months ago the good people at Sierra Nevada invited a few awesome dudes (namely the GMs of Iron Horse and Rocket Bar, amongst others) out to Sierra Nevada World Headquarters in Chico, CA to take part in their Beer Camp.  And over 3 wonderful days we toiled and struggled and drank way, waaaaaay to much, and helped the genius brewers over there come up with the Hop Syndicate Imperial Pilsner.  Mostly, we just said what kind of beer we’d like to drink and those mad scientists made it happen.

Anyways, the beer showed up on our doorstep last week like a gigantic, booze filled orphan and we are going to share it with all of you.

Starting this Tuesday, September 25th, only at Iron Horse and Rocket Bar you can get the EXTREMELY limited edition Hop Syndicate Imperial Pilsner (7.2% abv) for $5 a pint during happy hour and $7 a pint regular price.  There are only about 6 kegs between the two of us, so get it it while you can.

We’ll be pouring the first beer at 5:00 and when it’s gone, it’s really gone.

See you all on Tuesday!