Great Lakes Brewing Company






Tonight, in our continuing series of tap takeovers, we’ll be featuring the delicious brews of the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  As usual, all the goodness takes place downstairs at the small bar starting at 6:00 pm.  Here’s what we’ll have on for folks to enjoy this evening:

Christmas Ale – A holiday ale brewed with honey and spices.  7.5% abv

Blackout Stout – A hearty Russian imperial stout.  10% abv

Nosferatu – An imperial red ale with a lot of hops.  8% abv

Pumpkin Ale – This one is special.  A pub exclusive that we managed to get smuggled out of Cleveland, it’s a mild ale brewed with pumpkins and spices.  5.4% abv

Burning River – A citrusy, piney American Pale Ale.  6% abv

Dortmunder Gold – The award winning Dortmunder lager.  5.8% abv

Edmund Fitzgerald – A complex, roasty porter.  5.8% abv


And as usual, Mug Clubbers are welcome to bring in their mugs and enjoy any of the available beers.  See you all tonight!