Beers on draft as of 11-14-14

While we do try to keep this list as up to date as possible, we do change beers quite frequently and sometimes get distracted by, you know…stuff.  Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a tweet to make sure we still have that one beer you really want on draft.

$5 Bud Light 4.2 % abv Anheuser-Busch.  St. Louis, MO

*$8 Ozzy 7.25% abv The Brewers Art.  Baltimore, MD

$7 Big Red Norm 7.6% abv Denizens Brewing Co.  Silver Spring, MD

*$8 Guilt 8.3% abv Selkirk Abbey Brewing Co.  Port Falls, ID

$7 Lagunitas IPA 6.2% abv Lagunitas Brewing Co.  Petaluma, CA

$6 Fat Tire 5.2% abv New Belgium Brewing Co.  Fort Collins, CO

$7 Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen 5.8% abv Lonerider Brewing.  Raleigh, NC

$7 Ways & Means 4.5%abv Port City Brewing.   Alexandria, VA

$6 Rotating Cider

*$8 Breakfast Stout 8.3% abv Founders Brewing Co.  Grand Rapids, MI

*$7 Hop Hash 7.8% abv SweetWater Brewing Co.  Atlanta, GA

$7 K-9 Cruiser 7% abv Flying Dog Ales.  Frederick, MD

*$6 Old Chub NITRO 6.9% abv Oskar Blues Brewery.   Longmont, CO

$7 Red Kolsch Nitro 4.5% abv Crooked River Brewing.  Leesburg, VA

*$8 Sneaky Pete 9% abv Laughing Dog Brewing.  Ponderay, ID

$6 Robust Porter 6.2% abv Smuttynose Brewing Co.  Portsmouth, NH

$6 Gold Leaf Lager 4.5% abv Devils Backbone Brewing Co.  Roseland, VA

*$10 Ebony & Ivory 8.7% abv 3 Stars Brewing.  Washington, DC

$6 Sweet Action 5.2% abv Six Point Brewery.  Brooklyn, NY

*$8 Candi 9.5% abv Old Dominion Brewing.   Dover, DE


On Tap at the Small Bar

Oskar Blues 11-13-2014

$7 Mama’s Little Yella Pils   5.3% abv
$6 Dale’s Pale Ale 6.5% abv
*$8 Dale’s Deviant IPA 8% abv

*$8 REEB Rye’d 7% abv

*$9 Mosaic Dry Hopped Dale’s 6.5% abv

*$12 Ten Fidy 10.5%abv

Beers in Bold with an * are our stronger, rarer or more expensive beers and come in a smaller glass.

Our small bar is typically open Thursday through Saturday after 8:00 pm.  You are always welcome to sit there, even if the bar isn’t actually staffed by a real, living human.  In case of zombie infestation, please sit at the main bar.