Join us beer lovers and after-work revelers! Sixpoint is taking over the small bar for a killer Tap Takeover. Try some New York stalwarts and seasonal favorites. Play some games, drink some beer, have some fun. The season is changing and you know you need some beer in your gullet as celebration! That’s the name of the game. For more info, check us out here.

The small brewery with the big reputation, Ommegang. They have been on a tear these past two years. The current reigning beer kings of HBO are more than welcome in these halls. These beers are great, and they are potent, and you will drink a lot of them. Come by after work. Bring your friends. Play some games while you are at it. Maybe 4 on 4 PacMan. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day. Oh Yea.
Ommegang Iron Horse Takeover 3.17

Those beer loving Kansas City Folk really know how to brew! Join us at the small bar February 4th for great year long and seasonal offerings from Boulevard Brewing Company. These dudes really know how to ferment! Games, Fun, Friends…Ironhorse beer events are where it’s at. Work is no fun…Beer is fun! And it’s going to be cold. We’re going to have the beers that warm your gut!

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